Keepnet Labs

Protecting businesses through the life cycle of email-based attacks

About Keepnet Labs

Keepnet Labs is the only vendor to provide features that protect against each stage of the email-attack lifecycle. The platform addresses people, processes and technology, and offers affordable pricing. Threat Sharing is a game changing, next generation solution that is reinventing how businesses identify and stop active email-based attacks


Defender :

Threat Intelligence provides compromised credentials from known breaches – without remediation, a breach is considered inevitable. Email Threat Simulator tests the company’s email defense technology against a wide range of email attack vectors, malware and misconfigurations.

Awareness :

Complete phishing simulation and integrated LMS platform, for end customers (or resellers/MSSPs) to have complete control over phishing and awareness training. Purpose – human factor – build cyber awareness culture so that users engender active defense behaviors.


Automated (email) incident analysis, investigation and response – mitigate threats that bypass email defense technology with one click. Threat Sharing: Share email threat intelligence anonymously, within trusted communities, in near real time. When combined with IR, very powerful solution, leveraging the eyes in the community, to beat attackers at a communitywide level.

Keepnet Labs protects businesses throughout the full lifecycle of email-based cyber-attacks. We have developed a full spectrum suite of cybersecurity defence, threat monitoring, security management and user awareness products that encapsulate an integrated approach to people, processes and technology thus reducing the threat in all areas of cyber risk. Keepnet covers all phases of email threats with unique solutions that are designed for that specific phase of the email attack chain and thus can stop an email-based attack before it propagates. The multi-layered approach is shown in the following diagram is the key innovative differentiator between Keepnet Labs and other competitors in the market.