Mobile Device Management Securing and Managing Enterprise Mobility Supported Platforms

About Proget

Proget Software has been on the market since 2007 and its mission is to be the leading provider for the management and security of mobile devices and the corporate data stored and accessed on them. Proget Software has close partnerships with Samsung, Apple, Google and Huawei, which feeds directly into the speed in which the Proget solution responds to a rapidly changing mobile environment.

The Proget solution has been certified on the Azure platform and became available on Microsoft's AppSource website. As a Microsoft Enterprise Distributor, you are now supported by Microsoft in offering the Proget solution on the Azure platform.

Deployment Model for Proget MDM

Project Cloud

On Premise

Customer Cloud

Key features of Proget solution


Control device features:

When a company’s device becomes subject to security policies in accordance with the company’s requirements. Through the system, it is possible to control all functions of the device.

Geolocation : 

The location of the devices is available in several modes: forcing, interval, in motion, along with additional con­guration options, including time frames.

Data encryption : 

We encrypt data with the use of cryptographic algorithms with the highest standard and thanks to the security updates the system is resistant to any vulnerabilities. Remote wipe :  Allows to clear the entire memory of the device or just the company data, which ensures the protection of sensitive data against third parties.

Control applications :

Control of the applications that can be downloaded to the device. Ability to distributing, create white and black application lists and the company store.

Corporate standard : 

We integrate business services, such as e-mail, calendar, browser, but we also provide extended functionalities, such as ­le sharing, ­le access, VPN, intranet and many other tools.

Remote desktop : 

Allows to get remote access to mobile devices, which greatly improves problem-solving by the IT Department.

Expansion and adjustments : 

Proget is not just a complete platform, it is a framework which we use for customization. We can provide you with software tailored to your needs, so that each detail suits your vision.