Ridge Security

About Ridge Security

Ridge Security enables enterprise and web application teams, ISVs, governments, education, DevOps, anyone responsible for ensuring software security to affordably and efficiently test their systems.

The management team has years of networking and security experience. Please contact us for more information about the Ridge Security team in the US.

Ridge Security is located in the heart of Silicon Valley. We’re expanding into other areas including Asia and Europe.

Six Features Differentiate RidgeBot®

  • Smart Fingerprinting and Smart Web Crawling
  • RidgeBrain Expert Model and Vulnerability Mining
  • Auto Exploitation
  • Realtime Attack Action Visualization
  • Risk-based Assessment
  • Distributed Architecture for Large Scale Infrastructure

RidgeBot® automatically crawls or scans the specified IT infrastructure to identify and document a broad type of assets and the attack surfaces of those assets

  • 5600+ OS fingerprints/11000+ Service fingerprints
  • Asset Types Supported: IPs, Domains, Hosts, OS, Apps, Websites, Plugins, Network and IoT Devices

The following technologies but not limited to are included in this stage:

Crawling, URL brute force, domain name resolution, subdomain brute-force, associated domain extraction, neighbouring site inspection, web fingerprint, host fingerprint, system fingerprint, active host inspection, email extraction, login entries discovery

Support all major web frameworks

  • WordPress
  • VUE/React
  • JavaScript