Unparalleled protection for email and endpoint security with all-in-one software suites. VIPRE Business Solutions unite A.I. technology with real-time threat tracking to shield your company and your partners from cybercrime.

About Vipre

Featuring a multi-layered security platform leveraging powerful machine learning technology, VIPRE Email Security delivers six levels of scanning to keep users safe from known and emerging email-based threats, including viruses, malware, spam, bulk mail, phishing, and spoofing.

  • Over ten million email users protected globally
  • Cloud-based architecture protects all users regardless of location or device
  • Easy to administer with all-in-one email logs
  • In-built DLP and Large File Handling policies
  • Customisable policies for unique configurations

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce device and employee downtime due to malware, phishing and spam attacks in email
  • Build a smarter, safer workforce with Security Awareness Training
  • Protect your organisation’s sensitive data by encrypting, scanning and validating email content and recipients
  • Improve regulatory compliance
  • Dramatically improve your organisation’s DLP and Business Compliance profile
  • Reduce IT admin overhead – better protection, one vendor, one account manager, one support team

Comprehensive and Reliable Email Cloud Protection

  • Six levels of scanning combat known and emerging threats
  • Leverages powerful AI and ML technologies
  • Sets up in minutes with no hardware or agent software to install
  • <0.01% false positive rate, 100% service availability

Powerful Email Attachment Sandboxing

  • Behavioral-based machine learning based on millions of observed malware samples
  • Attachment sandboxing to catch malicious activity and download attempts
  • Detailed analysis output explaining exactly what the attachment tried to do upon execution
  • Early release option enables users to release their own attachments, depending on the risk profile

Automatic Bad URL Detection and Blocking

  • Blocks URLs in phishing, spoofing and ransomware attacks
  • Detects and stops bad links that may pass through email filters
  • Rewrites URLs so they can be rescanned at time of user click
  • Customizable warning and block pages help alert users

Email security portfolio vipre

Email Link Isolation is available as an add-on to existing VIPRE Email Security tools and is included with VIPRE Email Advanced Threat Protection and bundles that contain ATP at no additional charge.