Launching Redinext in the Middle East

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 March 27, 2022

Launching Redinext in the Middle East

Redinext, a cybersecurity distribution firm focusing on the Middle East region, has been launched in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to provide cutting-edge cyber defense technologies for businesses of all sizes. With a shared vision to address the cybersecurity needs of the Middle East, Redinext has forged impactful partnerships in the region to safeguard enterprises with next-generation technologies. From enterprise patch management and zero-trust security to brand protection and privileged access management, Redinext’s scalable solutions can be integrated seamlessly into the security framework of all types of enterprises.

Cyber capacity in the Middle East

The Middle East is facing a serious cyber pandemic amid the COVID-19 crisis. According to the Head of UAE Government Cybersecurity, the UAE alone has witnessed a 250% increase in cyberattacks this year, with phishing and ransomware incidents surging in frequency. Even though cybersecurity has gained traction in the US and Europe in the last few years, it is still at a nascent stage in the Middle East. The deficient cyberinfrastructure in the Middle East has incurred a spate of sophisticated cyber attacks in recent years, giving rise to serious economic loss and damage to critical infrastructure. As remote work has become the new norm and companies are adopting a digital business model, the security of information and privacy has become more significant than ever.

Thus, Redinext is stepping up efforts to expand to the Middle East along with strategic partners to focus exclusively on the biggest vulnerabilities prevailing in the region. With strong expertise in delivering high-performance and security-centric solutions, Redinext will navigate businesses to stay ahead of emerging threats, thus leveraging the cybersecurity of the Middle East region.

Strengthening the security infrastructure with Redinext

“The Middle East region has invariably been clobbered by high-profile breaches in recent years. It takes strong partnerships to strengthen the cybersecurity landscape in the region.”, said David Wurtz, CEO of Redinext. “Our strategic tie-ups with industry-leading partners will bring about the most advanced and disruptive technologies to address the needs of every type of organization, from SMB to multinational enterprises. We move beyond single products and provide comprehensive solutions to deliver tangible and transformative business benefits.” With a global network of Redinext experts spanning from North America to the Middle East and Europe, Redinext also helps in vendor business acceleration and aims at driving business innovations to a new technological frontier.

About the Company

With our expanding global footprint, highly skilled people and regional expertise, we are spearheading a digital transformation by connecting businesses with industry-leading security experts. As a North American – based cyber security distributor and trusted technology partner since 2018, it is our passion to help enterprises meet their security needs amid the onslaught of rising cyber-attacks. Our comprehensive portfolio aims at making holistic, scalable and cost-effective solutions accessible to businesses of all sizes. From enterprise patch management and zero-trust security to brand protection and privileged access management, our defense technologies assure that you always stay ahead of emerging threats.

We are bringing the top industrial picks of cyber-security solutions to safeguard your business by partnering with the best in the world. Our impactful partnerships are already signalling the first signs of success and we are broadening our global presence, from North America to EMEA and APAC regions.

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