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 April 2, 2022


Why is Privileged Access Management pivotal in securing sensitive data?
Remote access to data has become quite common, especially during a time when remote work has become the new norm. Privileged user accounts are at the risk of being highly targeted as they have the access to sensitive data and ability to change the settings. Thus, it is important to enhance security of privileged sessions with the most advanced technologies to keep one step ahead of the attackers.

Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions secure organizations by efficiently monitoring the whole network and provide insights into which users have access to what data. But many organisations still have traditional PAM systems in place with limited capabilities of managing the data. Fudo Security goes beyond traditional PAM and acts as an effective security camera for privileged sessions.

Fudo Security offers a complete PAM package with unmatched session recorder. Additionally, it includes secure access gateway, AI-driven privileged session manager, efficiency analyzer and secret manager password vault; features that go way beyond traditional PAM solutions which will be greatly beneficial for the security requirements of any organisation. Fudo Security was highly honored in Gartner’s magic quadrant in 2018. Furthermore, it is the product of choice for over hundreds of enterprises in 20 countries, including some big-name organizations like Saudi Post, Ministry of Justice in Qatar, Yahoo, DHL etc.

Unmatched session recorder in a complete PAM Package

Fudo PAM is an all-in-one solution that can be deployed within one day. Fudo Appliances can handle even up to hundreds of thousands of concurrent connections based on session properties. Fudo Security is the first solution provider to market patent pending technology. Here are a few features that makes Fudo Security unique:

1. AI – driven privileged session manager

AI-driven privileged session manager monitors and records dozens of protocols including RDP, SSH AND HTTPS. Fudo PAM can detect if your credentials have been compromised within just 60 seconds. Once a suspicious session is identified, it is immediately blocked or terminated. With Fudo PAM, you have the complete control over your data as it allows you to watch live session in a browser. It offers a great level of transparency as you can also join and share live sessions.

2. Secret Manager

Fudo PAM is known for having the most flexible password vault ever. It makes sure that your credentials never leave the appliance. You can build your own password changers within the matter of a few minutes.

3. Efficiency Analyser

Efficiency analyser helps in comparing the efficiency of your remote consultants. It eliminates unfair subcontractors and ensures that your suppliers operate in accordance with the contract.

Fudo Security and Redinext

“Our partnership with Redinext will help us unlock the potential of cybersecurity in the Middle East, a region that has experienced a significant rise in cybercrimes in the recent years,” says Priya Kuriyakose, Business Development Manager of Fudo Security, MENA. “Fudo Security aims at making next-generation PAM technologies available to organisations in order to protect their people and assets.” With the most advanced and proactive technologies, Fudo Security is positioned at the forefront of PAM solutions in the Middle East.

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