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 April 2, 2022


Around 84% of organizations in the United States have reported phishing or ransomware incidents in the last 12 months. Ransomware attacks have become pervasive in 2021 and the average cost of breach stands at nearly $4.62 million for a ransomware attack. Furthermore, an all-time high of 78.4 million ransomware attacks was reported globally in June 2021. Some of the high-profile ransomware like CryptoLocker, WhiteRose, WannaCry, Petya, Darkside, etc, prove that ransomware is one of the top threats to national security.

Why is Ransomware Encryption Protection Significant to Your Organisation?

According to the recent advice given by Microsoft to the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, three steps can help prevent ransomware attacks-“prepare, limit, and prevent”. This involves preparing an effective recovery plan to enable recovery without paying, decreasing the scope of damage by securing privileged roles, and making it difficult for attackers to get in by incrementally removing risks. Conclusively, these imperative steps call for a proactive threat-hunting approach to keep destructive ransomware attackers at bay, which is exactly what Heimdal Security does.

An efficient data encryption solution secures data located anywhere across the hybrid multi-cloud environment and ensures access control. Heimdal Security’s Ransomware Encryption Protection skillfully monitors the changes related to malicious encryption attempts. The solution is compatible universally with any antivirus application and extends the functionality of the antivirus.

What Makes Heimdal Security Stand Apart?

Heimdal Security’s innovative and proactive Ransomware Encryption Protection makes sure that you stay ransomware-free through its strong threat-hunting capabilities. The visual insights and digital forensics data help you understand where the ransomware originated and what it was trying to gain from the attack. It Includes built-in white and blacklisting capacities and provides detection and remediation of any kind of ransomware, be it fileless or file-based. The solution easily distinguishes between autonomic and routine system-wide processes and malicious attempts, thus limiting the false-positive rate. The capability to identify encryption attempts without signatures or behavioral patterns makes Heimdal Security’s solution stand apart from other solutions available in the industry. The solution doesn’t demand users to install additional software and has a small system resource footprint.

The encryption protection is the only solution currently available that can map out a previously unknown malicious activity and prevent it from DoS-ing your sensitive data. It has proven to have the lowest false positive rate in the market on account of its unique intelligence. With Heimdal Security’s Ransomware Encryption Protection, you can take complete control of every process running on your system.

Redinext Distribution Joins Hands with Heimdal Security

Redinext Distribution is proud to be a distributor of Heimdal Security’s award-winning and impactful solutions. Heimdal Security’s unified cyber security suite includes DNS security, patch management, endpoint detection & response, email security, and remote desktop management. The package and pricing are customized for individual and organizational requirements making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. Heimdal Security has secured over 6,000 companies and 900,000 users around the world and continues to spearhead the fight against cybercrimes.

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