Why Endpoint Security Matters Now More Than Ever

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 April 2, 2022

Why Endpoint Security Matters Now More Than Ever

The recent attacks against Verifications.io, CNA Financial, Harris Federation, Acer, and Sunburst attack on Solarwinds exposed some of the weakest links in the corporate IT environments. These five major attacks had a devastating effect on the affected organizations, and it all started with a weakness in corporate endpoints. A recent report demonstrated that 70% of successful security breaches began at endpoints. With remote work being an inevitable part of our new collective normal, it has become imperative for every organization to put endpoint security first in their cybersecurity framework.

Why should you prioritize endpoint security?

Attackers tend to use endpoints to invade the larger system. A 2020 study showed that 68% of organizations experienced one or more endpoint attacks within just 12 months, compromising their data and/or IT infrastructure. In 2020 alone, ransomware, one of the most pervasive cyber threats, rose by 150%, with emails being responsible for about 94% of all malware. Thus, endpoint security has now become essential for organizations more than ever. Endpoint security solutions ensure the safety of any endpoint that has access to an enterprise’s internal network by hunting threats and, therefore, mitigating the risk of compromising the entire system.

Heimdal Security offers a true, revolutionary solution for endpoint security by combining threat hunting, prevention, and mitigation into a complete package. Discover the all-in-one endpoint security offering by Heimdal Security:

Next-Generation Antivirus with EDR and Firewall

The powerful and robust next-gen endpoint antivirus by Heimdal Security comes with an advanced AV engine with firewall integration. Additionally, it includes Brute-Force Attack blocking and AI-backed detection that are proven to prevent emerging threats. The firewall blocks incoming attacks, brute force attacks and helps you isolate devices. It also offers local scanning to identify all known malicious files locally and cloud scanning to detect unknown malicious files. The real-time low-impact in-memory file and signature scanning along with active registry change scanning offer leading-edge, code-based detection and mitigation.

The sandbox and backdoor inspection feature enable the isolation of scanned files that are not listed as malware. Such files will be isolated in the sandboxing system and examined further for malicious behavior. If they attempt to contact the Command and Control servers, that communication will be stopped at its roots. Process behavior-scanning monitors all the processes and changes continually with heuristic, behavior engines.

Proactive Threat Prevention

DarkLayer Guard and VectorN Detection are the most unique features of endpoint threat prevention offered by Heimdal Security. These unique, proactive, code-autonomous tools serve as a strong security layer on top of other protective, code-detection-based technologies. The Dark Layer Guard tackles threats such as ransomware, zero-hour exploits, data leaks, and other next-generation attacks and secures the system at the DNS and HTTP/S level.

VectorN Detection has the capability to identify any hidden threats using enhanced machine learning algorithms. It tracks device-to-infrastructure communication and spots second-generation malware strains that no other product can see. Moreover, it delivers a HIDS at the machine traffic layer and makes out compromise patterns using machine learning. Furthermore, X-Ploit Resilience helps in deploying Microsoft and third-party software and updates while Infinity Management installs custom, in-house software anywhere, anytime.

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