Why is Brand Protection Crucial for Cybersecurity?

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 April 2, 2022

Why is Brand Protection Crucial for Cybersecurity?

Is your brand protected?

With more and more businesses undergoing a digital transition and expanding their online presence, brand protection becomes crucial for business safety and continuity. The five major threats that brands face outside their security perimeter include social phishing, fraud, counterfeits, executive impersonation and brand abuse. Many reputed companies and online marketplaces have undergone continual brand abuse which severely affects different aspects of their businesses. Since many of these threats happen outside the security perimeter of a company, it often goes unnoticed by organizations. Brand protection is imperative for businesses and customers alike as it helps in maintaining authenticity, consumer trust, compliance and sales growth. Thus, brand protection should be made an essential part of the cybersecurity solutions suite of any organisation.

Keep your brand safe with BrandShield

BrandShield aims at improving the way companies protect their digital assets outside their security perimeter. BrandShield is an Israel-based online threat-hunting company, and as the name suggests, it mainly focuses on brand protection by preventing social anti-phishing, impersonation and covers everything related to online brand abuse.

BrandShield provides a fully managed service with a 97% takedown success. Threats are handled by assigned enforcement managers who are also certified lawyers. It helps in eliminating fraudulent websites and also covers social media platforms. Moreover, it offers a great level of transparency by giving full visibility of threats and enforcement status. BrandShield offers services to a growing international blue-chip client base, comprising Fortune 500 and FTSE100 companies. Over 100 global companies trust BrandShield for their brand protection including some high-profile organizations like VISA, Microsoft, Abbott, Radisson, US Air Force, KTM, etc.

How does BrandShield work?

BrandShield is known to have the most advanced and automated solutions for the 21st century and provides patterns detection, built-in enforcement case management, cross-brand detection, mobile apps monitoring and many more. Firstly, by utilizing proprietary AI and big data-based technology, BrandShield scans the internet. It basically crawls through the entire web and publically available data such as domain names, meta-tagging, pricing, traffic, etc. Secondly, it analyzes the data from brand history, logos, social media engagement, and so on. Then, the information is prioritized based on content, keywords, logos, SEO, etc. Furthermore, the alerts and reports of detected threats are generated on the dashboard. And finally, BrandShield executes ways to report and take down the threats. All their threat hunters are in-house specialists who are licensed attorneys with experience in IP law.

How can you benefit from the unique features of online threat hunting?

With BrandShield, you can gain full control of threats and required enforcement actions. BrandShield detects whenever a website copy of your brand pops up on the internet and generates alerts as soon as threats are identified. It also disrupts the database of phishing sites and sets up honeypots on social media for a hacker to interact with to gain useful intelligence. BrandShield offers unique anti-scam bots to safeguard communications that prevent intercepts and spamming by a third party on Telegram.

In conclusion, BrandShield is a comprehensive solution that protects and ties up the significant elements of a brand. It takes care of the cybersecurity framework, the marketing side that’s more concerned with the brand identity and communication, and also the legal side that deals with trademark, sales, etc. Thus, BrandShield is a single solution that unifies varied aspects of a business. These are the elements that make their threat hunting unique and strong: proven experience and skilled experts, quicker and efficient processes and advanced technology powered by cyber intelligence-all of this makes up a perfect combination for effective threat hunting. As a fast-growing cybersecurity distributor in the Middle East, Redinext is proud to be a partner of BrandShield on our journey to redefine the cybersecurity landscape of the region.

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